Unveiling Advanced Features for Enhanced Protection

Explore features that make your protection even stronger against online threats.

Advanced Filtering/Cloaking

Cloakerz harnesses cutting-edge mathematical algorithms and computational power to accurately assess the probability of an IP being linked to proxies, VPNs, or malicious activities, ensuring robust protection against unwanted traffic.

Geo Targeting

Seamlessly target or exclude specific global locations and countries with Cloakerz's versatile platform, enabling you to tailor campaigns for precise audience reach and engagement.

Real-Time Detection

Cloakerz not only identifies and blocks bots but also effectively filters out harmful IPs originating from VPNs, virtual servers, proxies, and crawlers in real-time, offering comprehensive defense against malicious traffic.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate Cloakerz with popular platforms like WordPress and Shopify in just minutes, with support for JavaScript and PHP, requiring zero technical expertise for implementation.

IPv4 and IPv6 Support

With support for both traditional IPv4 and advanced IPv6 addressing protocols, Cloakerz ensures comprehensive coverage and compatibility across diverse network environments, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Speed and Accuracy

With the ability to effortlessly handle millions of daily clicks, Cloakerz excels in identifying and blocking malicious IPs, VPNs, and proxies with unparalleled precision, ensuring seamless protection for your online assets.